What are the types of dandruff and how to treat them?

Dandruff is a type of condition where there is a dead skin cell on your scalp. It flakes off where it sometimes is visible on your shoulders and clothing. It looked like dandruff flakes and it causes by different types of scalp conditions. There are different causes of dandruff and these are the things to treat or avoid getting a flakey scalp. When you know what kind of dandruff you have you can get rid of it faster and it helps you to treat any underlying cause.

Types of dandruff

The types of dandruff have unique causes and these can be treated well with a good hair care routine. Two Herbs has been known for their excellent customer service and the best dandruff treatment in Singapore. These are the types of dandruff and its underlying causes.

Dry skin dandruff

It happens during winter and indoor heating because it can dry off your skin and the skin on your scalp. Also washing your hair using hot water can lead to dry skin dandruff. When your scalp is too dry it can be irritating and can shed skin cells. The flakes of dry skin dandruff are white and small and your scalp can feel itchy. For to avoid dry skin dandruff you can use a moisturizing shampoo.  You can also use a home remedy like using a coconut oil scalp massage that can help to lessen the itchiness. It can also avoid your skin from drying.

Two Herbs has been known for their excellent customer service and the best dandruff treatment in Singapore.

Oily skin dandruff

Below the surface of your skin is the glands that are producing sebum. It is an oily substance that helps to produce moisture and protect your skin. Once the sebaceous glands are producing too much sebum your hair looks oily. And when your hair has an excess oil it can clump, irritate and cause dandruff in your hair. Oily skin dandruff has bigger flakes compared to dry skin dandruff. And the flakes are color yellow and it shows to be oilier.


There are skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and seborrheic dermatitis that can cause dandruff. To avoid having it you can shampoo with salicylic acid to lessen oily skin and keep it under control.


It is an autoimmune condition that which skin cells are growing fast. It causes to have thick, scaly patches that form on the skin. The scalp psoriasis looks like powdery flakes and it appears to be inflamed. When you are experiencing it you can use a shampoo with salicylic acid to help to lessen scalp psoriasis.


It is a patch of flaky, red rash and itchy skin. When it appears on your scalp it causes flakes that are bigger than dry skin dandruff flakes and you will see there is red, irritated skin in your head. You have to use a soft moisturizing shampoo when treating it.