The Merits of the Molemap Skin Check

In the matter of the last few years, solid progress has been reached in the understanding of why certain skin problems originate as well as how they are prevented. Consequently, MoleMap, a skin-check, is a way of early detection of skin cancers with a meticulous and more modern method.

The critical advantages of undergoing a MoleMap skin check

The highly prominent benefit of the molemap skin check is that it detects skin cancer at an early stage and thus helps in early treatment. Melanoma of the skin especially has a high chance of treatment if it is diagnosed early, but the percentage of survival tends to be very low if it is permitted to progress. The multiple high-resolution imaging and expertise analysis methods used by MoleMaps also help to identify the suspicious moles or lesions, which are characterized as dangerous lesions that may be indicative of skin cancer, and therefore, timely intervention and treatment can be done.

In searching for the lesion in the course of MoleMap skin checks, high-resolution images are taken by means of the scanner device of the entire body, including the challenging sites of the skin like the scalp, backside and the area between the toes. A total body examination is conducted that offers total skin inspection. Thus, no area of skin is supposed to be neglected, as skin cancer may arise in some difficult-to-determine or hard-to-spot places. Comprehensive examination of the skin plays an important role, as any concerning moles or lesions, regardless of position, can be detected through the process.

The MoleMap method is not a single instance but a continuous re-measuring system used to keep monitoring the skin. Regular visits, maybe every year or at the recommended frequency by the healthcare specialist, are scheduled for the acquisition of new whole-body images and an imaging comparison with the initial set of pictures. The constant supervision of all the newly emerging or changing moles through this process would ensure that they are detected early. If intervention is necessary, it can always be done timely.

 MoleMap uses advanced imaging technology and sophisticated software algorithms to examine and create a map of moles and lesions based on the detection of any abnormalities. As a result, things that could not have been detected with the naked eye are detected in the process, increasing the chances of identifying concerning changes or trends.


Personalized MoleMap skin checks are performed using specialized equipment by trained professionals, most often dermatologists or skin cancer clinicians. The qualified staff specialists are extensively trained in reading the diagnostic images and analyzing the mole patterns which makes sure that any outstanding symptoms are identified and managed properly.