The beauty industry trends


In this world of beautification where everything is made to look aesthetical, beatification and aesthetics have become important part of the life. Everything is been supposed to look a certain way and has aesthetics attached it be it one’s office, house, car, an instagram profile or any other social media profile to be appearing in a certain way.

There are so any beauty trends which keep coming as the time changes. These trends keep changing and evolving in the cosmetic industry. The cosmetic industry is massive. And to scope of growth is immense but so as the competition landscape of the industry. One needs to be constantly reinventing and rebranding and innovating there products to stay in the competition and have a loyal customers. Creating a loyal customer base happen with time .there are tools of marketing which are definitely used and they can fetch consumers but to retain them the product quality, price point and packaging matters. In developed or developing country the average consumer is more price sensitive and products at affordable price range to sell well.

Product Range:

The cosmetic industry would comprise of categories of products fro example skin care which would include, face cleansers, toner, moisturizers, powder, apart from basic skin care there are other products like body lotions, sunscreen, face serums, night creams, anti aging, anti wrinkle cream. There are other categories like perfumes, deodorants, roll on, under arm creams and lotions. The nails has it all together different categories like nail paint, extensions of nails and etc. And the makeup products this segment is endless with lipsticks, powders, mascara, liners, eye shadows, foundation and many other sorts of products.

Artificial extensions:

Apart from these makeup and lotions the beautification process has taken a whole new turn.  That is the world of extensions, also called as falsies.  There are extensions available for hair.  These appear to be original and they easily stick to the scalp, but they do come in different hairstyles and colors. Apart from their extensions there are nail extensions, these are false extensions to nail which are mad of acrylic or also called acrylic extensions. There are proper dedicated nail studios rendering such services of providing nail extensions and painting the nails. And then comes in picture has been trend nowadays specially with makeup artist all around the world that are lash extensions. These are extensions for the lashes there are two ways in which one can use lash extensions. First is to use the strip lashes which are temporary eyelashes makeup artist use them for their consumers or people in general can also practice applying it and can use it. The other way of getting eye lash extension is by way of semi permanent lashes. In the process the lashes are handedly glued on the top of the natural eyelashes. They are customized and look very natural. This eye lashes stays for weeks if taken care off. And they fall off naturally like normal lashes. The spaces can be refilled by again and can maintain their eyelashes for long durations.