Read This To Know More On Best Cold Brew Coffee In Singapore

In today’s world of extreme pressure And workload, coffee provides a solace from the chaos. A life cannot be imagined without a cup of coffee in today’s world. It makes the work easier and has become one of the essential drinks in day-to-day life. It is no more a drink but has become an emotion for the majority of the population. Starting a day without a cup of coffee has become extremely unnatural.

Even after so much demand for coffee, people find it difficult to get the best taste of coffee. Round Boy Roasters has solved this problem for all of the people staying in Singapore. It has given one of the best options available for the people staying in Singapore.

Round boy roasters was started by four friends who came up with the idea of setting up a coffee shop.  In the beginning, it was just confined to being a local cottage shop. However, it started selling and bringing new policies with the growth. It has become a full retail coffee shop and cafe today. Apart from being a retail shop, it is also located in one of the best and biggest cafe or coffee shop areas of the city, Bukit Merah.

specialty coffee cold brew

Apart from serving the best coffee in the town it also provides a huge range of other collections which involve

  • Coffee beans packet
  • Coffee makers
  • Coffee mugs and glasses
  • Manuel handy brewing accessories.
  • Espresso machines
  • Vacuum tubes and bottles
  • Brown paper filters and baskets
  • Grinders
  • Clothing and related stuff including T-shirts, bags, and stickers.

At Round Boy Roasters one can enjoy the best and most refreshing cold brew coffee whenever they want. Coffee lovers can also take a subscription or offer by which they can get home delivery services for their cold brew bottles across the city. This specialty coffee cold brew is made with the help of a brew bomb. This is a very special brewer which is also patented by Round Boy Roasters. The patent makes it difficult to find the same kind of cold brew coffee in any other place across the city. The cold brew is made by active colds taken out and then filtering water by using ground coffee by which a cleaner and sweeter result is prepared.

The subscription process is also a very easy one. For all the subscribers before 12th of January 2021, can continue to contact Round Boy Roasters through whatsapp and manage their subscription.

However, people getting a subscription after 12th of January 2021 shall log into their account and then by clicking on subscription can ask for the invoice number and after that the subscription management page shall be displayed wherein they can change the payment details, pause or cancel the subscription.

For any other information one can mail or contact them through whatsapp.