Should You Consider Wearing Disposable Contact Lens Singapore And Why?

Ophthalmologists recommend regular and proper cleaning of contact lenses for healthier and more comfortable eyes. And this step of storing, cleaning, and dealing with different solutions seems frustrating for those who wear them. But, welp, is there any other option? Absolutely! You can give bi-monthly or weekly contact lenses the go-by and redeem yourself from the hassles and risks associated with them. The hero in the saga to rescue is disposable contact lens singapore. Over the recent years, these have grown in popularity owing to their safety and other benefits for the eyes. But, before that, here’s a thing to beat into your brain.

Daily wear Vs. Daily disposable lenses

Often these are faced with confusion. A daily wear lens is meant to be removed before going to sleep, as FDA has not approved them for overnight or extended wear. These lenses may be swapped daily, monthly, weekly, bi-weekly, or quarterly as per the brand. At the same time, disposable contact lenses may be used for a week, a day, or every two weeks and then discarded. People have a misconception that disposable contacts are for single-use specifically. However, it is so with “daily disposable contact lenses” and not every disposable contact lens. The doctor should clarify how lenses differ in their replacement and wearing schedules.

Benefits of daily disposable contact lenses

Daily disposable contact lenses are a highly proposed option by eye specialists today owing to the convenience and health benefits they hand in. Know them here:

  • Lucid vision: One enjoys sharp, clear-cut pictures while wearing a disposable contact lens. And the same is accomplished with bi-weekly or monthly disposable contact lenses, however, at the cost of rigorous cleaning manoeuvres.
  • Hassle-free storage & cleaning: This is the core of convenience stuffed in disposable contact lens singapore. It redeems one of the cuffuffle of handling solutions and potions to rinse and store the aid. You wear daily disposable contacts the whole day and dispose of them by each day’s end.
  • Eye safety: Monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly contact lenses escalate the dangers of getting pink eye and other cornea infections. Bunging fresh contact lenses every day frees you of such possibilities ensuring eye safety.
  • No calcium deposits: Since you remove disposable contact lenses frequently, they do not accumulate calcium or other proteins that wear them out. Another pro is beckoning to switch to daily disposables.