Is Smooth And Cold Puff Of Bongs-tokeplanet Really All-okay?

Smokers call them bubbler, billy, water pipe, or a binger and whatnot. People relish them for smooth, velvety, and cool smoke from marijuana. We are talking about bongs, which were not always that sophisticated-looking apparatus rather a simple bamboo tube used by Thai folks for toking weed. The population is divided about Bongs-tokeplanet as some say it is safer on junk scientific grounds, while others wash their hands of it outright. There are claims that bongs are fouler than toilet seats! How far these claims stand true, we shall discuss here.


How do bongs work?

Bongs can be simple, featuring a bowl to hold weed and a chamber. They can be a shockingly artsy and sophisticated thing. Whatever be their extent of craftsmanship, at the end of the day, they are meant for smoking marijuana. It starts with igniting the dried weed in the bowl, which raises smoke as it combusts. As a smoker inhales, the smoke travels through the water bubbling it, which then passes into the chamber before finally filling your mouth. The blow of bongs is distinct from that experienced through a joint or direct pipe which is otherwise dry and hot. Instead, it is described as creamy and smooth, which certainly is not enjoyed by your lungs. But how? Well, read on!



How does the bong affect the lungs?

The wobbly scientific facts posed to back the use of bubblers make no difference to reality. You might be a fan of bongs and hold the same favorable view for them. It is high time you take the red pill. Research done on the subject reveals that smoking through any means, whether pipe or hookah, presents the same risks of lung damage, respiratory ailments, and cancers. This is because smoke contains carcinogenic elements, which remain there and enter your body even with the Bongs-tokeplanet. There is an argument that bong-lovers like to throw here that it filters the malicious elements of the weed. However, the bitter truth is that the risks still outweigh the pros. Further, these days plastic bongs are also hitting the trend. This takes the perils of smoking to the next level as plastic comprises phthalates and BPA.

You have got a sole pair of lungs, right? Let such junk science not deceive you, else you may end up with incessant coughing, cancer, and other respiratory conditions.