How To Look for An Energy Efficient Fridge In Singapore

Refrigerators use a considerable amount of energy to remove heat from their cabinets. For instance, a small amount is used to keep the refrigerator from freezing, keep the cabinet from sweating, and illuminate the interior. An energy efficient fridge singapore has its efficiency determined by how much energy it consumes per year based on its size. A refrigerator’s efficiency is measured by the amount of energy per unit of cooled volume per day. A cubic foot is a book measurement, with a kilowatt-hour of a point being a measure of electrical power. The DOE sets maximum energy consumption standards for refrigerators based on the size and class of the fridge. Taking effect in 1993, these standards require refrigeration and freezer manufacturers to meet higher efficiency standards than ever before.

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How to look for an energy-efficient fridge in Singapore?

  • It is most efficient to have the freezer at the bottom or on the top of the refrigerator. Compared to side-by-side models, top freezers use about 13 percent less energy. Models with bottom freezers consume approximately 16 percent less energy than models with side-by-side freezers.
  • The use of through-the-door ice makers and water dispensers is convenient since it reduces the need to open the refrigerator door and helps maintain a more constant temperature; however, these items will increase the refrigerator’s energy consumption by 14 to 20 percent.
  • Easy access to the most commonly used items is made possible by mini-doors. Because the main door does not need to be opened as much, it consumes less energy.
  • A large refrigerator is inefficient both in terms of space and energy usage. Buying the wrong refrigerator can cause one to make extra grocery trips. One is better off choosing the size that fits their needs than comparing the Energy Guide label on each so they can purchase the most energy-efficient make and model. When one’s refrigerator is filled, one will be more efficient if the fridge is not overfilled.
  • To remain energy efficient, an energy-efficient fridge in Singapore with manual defrosting refrigerators must be regularly defrosted even though they use half as much energy as automatic defrosting models.
  • Energy consumption of refrigerators with anti-sweat heaters is 5 to 10 percent higher. One should look for models with an “energy saver” switch that allows them to turn off the heating coils (which prevent condensation).


The Energy Guide label on refrigerators tells one how much energy each model of energy-efficient fridge in Singapore uses in kilowatt-hours (kWh). One will use less energy and spend less money operating the refrigerator with a smaller number. A full-sized refrigerator that meets or exceeds the federal standard by 15% or more (and a full-sized freezer that meets the average by 10%) is eligible for the ENERGY STAR label.