Growing demand for portable projectors in Singapore

Given the growing demand for projectors in general and mobile projectors in particular. We have decided as our way to collect the recommended models for you, in the mobile projector category, to let you users understand which projector is recommended, what suits your needs, and recommendations for projector models that have passed its meticulous inspection.

It is important to emphasize that there is a growing demand for portable projector singapore at the cost of hundreds of shekels, these projectors are really toys and they do not deserve to be called projectors.

First, what is a mobile projector?

A mobile projector, as its name suggests, is a projector designed for carrying from place to place, and is not installed permanently in the ceiling like regular projectors. For this use, it is recommended to use portable projectors, whose total weight is between 200 grams and 500 grams. It is important to note that the manufacturers of regular projectors, such as BenQ mackerels or Epson mackerels, do not produce portable projectors, and the brands in this category are complete years old.

Advantages of a mobile projector?

portable projector singapore

The notable advantage of a portable projector is the intensity of illumination, that is, in cases where you need to project in full lighting conditions, it is recommended to use a regular projector over a portable projector. The notable advantages of a mobile projector are its low weight, its small size (entering each bag), a built-in battery, a built-in Android operating system (not on all models), and a lamp that lasts about 40,000 hours (8 times as long as a regular projector).

Mogo mobile projector

The mogo projector is a portable projector with beautiful colors, with an illumination power of about 1800 lumens rapists relative to standard dip projectors. Simi is a relatively new company (founded in 2010), with a high-quality and innovative product line.

The xgimimogo portable projector singapore contains an internal battery and a built-in Android operating system. In terms of the structure of the projector, it is quite similar to the type of portable speaker, the projector is really compact, and even goes into the pocket, the mogo projector has a built-in Herman tarragon speaker. In addition, you can project from the side (an exclusive patent of xxii) from a mobile beam mogo which is highly recommended.

A projector with relatively high illumination power, built of ultra-high-quality components, with high HD resolution with full HD support. The Miroir projector gives an image with real colors, and exceptional sharpness alongside many other functions that we will immediately expand on.