Myths About Classic Lash Extensions You Should Know

The eyelash extensions are increasingly popular and although many women already have dared to try, there are others that still have some doubts about Classic Lash Extensions.

Many questions constantly arise such as if they hurt the natural eyelashes or if they cause any kind of allergy. For this reason, here we will solve all the myths that surround them.

Do eyelash extensions throw away my natural tinctures?

FALSE. It is the most widespread myth about extensions, however, when they are applied by a professional, your eyelashes are not at risk.

The truth is that we lose 5 eyelashes a day and it takes approximately 90 days to be born again. When they complete their life cycle and fall, you will notice fewer eyelashes for a visual effect.

Keep in mind that the extensions fall along with your natural eyelashes and we go from having a higher volume, to seeing our natural look again.

Are all lash application techniques the same?

FALSE. There are different techniques like Russian volume, 4D, 6D, etc. It has been proven that the classic or 1×1 technique is the preferred one for girls since it achieves a volume effect without losing the natural appearance. No one will notice that you use extensions!

Can I get my extensions wet?

TRUTH. During the first 24 hours after application or touch-ups of Classic Lash Extensions, it is recommended not to get them wet as water can weaken the adhesive before it dries completely.

However, once this time has elapsed, you can even swim in the sea without any problem.

Is the application process painful?

FALSE. The first application lasts approximately 2 hours. In this time, you become so relaxed that you can fall asleep. This shows that it is a painless and very comfortable service.

Is it necessary to take a break from eyelash extensions?

FALSE. This is one of the most common questions, some brands assure that it is necessary to remove the eyelashes every 3 months, but if a correct application is made, it is not necessary.

For that, it is important that you attend your maintenance on time since, in them, the beauticians remove the grown eyelashes and replace new extensions.

Do I have to be careful with my eyelash extensions?

TRUTH. So that your extensions arrive almost intact at your next maintenance, it is recommended to use water-based makeup.

It is also important to brush your extensions at night and avoid rubbing your eyes or sleeping on your stomach.

Do eyelash extensions cause allergies?

FALSE. The extensions that are made of synthetic fibers reduce the risk of causing some type of infection.

A minimum percentage of clients come to present an allergy; however, it can be due to a bad application. This happens when the adhesive touches the skin of the eyelid.

Final Words

That is why it is very important that you go to a specialist. Although it is a simple procedure, it must be carried out by an expert to avoid putting your health at risk, and especially this delicate part of your face.