Helpful Hints to Perfecting Home Manicure

Getting a good manicure is easy – you just need to visit the nail salon. However, this is not always time and cost efficient. You can greatly benefit if you start learning home manicure. This will take a lot of patience, skill and Accesorios manicura.

If you want to perfect home manicure, you will need some ideas. Here are some hints you can consider to make your manicures last longer – even if it is just DIY:

Choose the right shape

There are many trendy shapes these days but you must know that rounded nails are your best option if you want to avoid any rips. This is because of its smooth shape, which is less prone to catching on things. If you want to wear your nails square, you can do that but remember to ensure rounded edges on both sides.

Buff the nail edges

After deciding on the final shape, you need to ensure that nothing is left hanging on nail edges. This is when a nail buffer comes to the picture. When using a nail buffer, make sure to file in one direction. This will ensure that you are not upsetting the fibers of the nails.

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Think about dry manicure

Before you paint, it is crucial that you prepare your nails properly. In most cases, salons soak in water but this will cause the nail to expand. When the nail dries, it will contract and chip. Many experts recommend that the best way is a dry manicure. This is done by cleansing the nails with nail polish remover or alcohol before polishing.

Avoid shaking the nail polish bottle

It has become a habit shaking the nail polish bottle if you see separation because it is what you see in nail salons. However, this habit needs to stop. If you shake the bottle, it will create bubbles. You must know that most bottles have small metal balls that can help you stir the product. It is best to simply roll so you will end up with a seamless polish.

Fix mistakes immediately

If you see any mistakes, you should fix it immediately using a stick with a flat edge. The stick should be dipped in acetone and work it around each nail. If there are any smudges, you can use your fingers gently to push the polish back into place before you add another layer. However, if it is beyond fixing, you need to wipe it and re-do.

Make manicure maintenance every day

Manicure maintenance should be an everyday thing. After your hard work, you have to ensure that you extend the life of your manicure. There are a few good habits you can consider to extend the life of your manicure. You can start wearing gloves when washing the dishes or cleaning your house. Aside from that, you should practice using cuticle oil as it can help keep the skin around the nails healthy.

Bottom Line

There is something about a beautiful manicure that just looks and feels sophisticated. If you go to salons all the time, the cost can add up over the course of the year. If you want to save money and time, you should consider DIY manicures. If you are just starting, remember that practice can go a long way.