11 Simple Fashion Tips For Men

When it comes to fashion, men are believed to be clueless. Most of them don’t know what to look out for or they don’t want to spend much time trying to look classic. Men are believed to wear whatever is available or something that is readily accessible. This has changed over the years and men are working towards being smart yet fashionable.

Men fashion varies from one person to another. There are those who love wearing casual and others love being formal. Whatever fashion styles you may want to follow there are always ways of making sure that you choose what best suits your personality. Let’s discuss some fashion tips for men.

  1. Make sure you fit before buying

Most men don’t fit their clothes before buying. They just enter a clothing shop and pick whatever pleases them. There is nothing wrong with fitting because you will be able to pick what really flatters your body and shape. Pick what you feel comfortable in and ensure that it matches with your personal style. It may be in fashion or not, but if it is a perfect match for you then it is worth taking.

  1. Go shopping with a friend

It may sound weird but picking someone to accompany you while you go shopping is amazing. This person will help you pick something nice and if it is not worth it, he will be honest about it. You can choose your friend or your partner. At times they help you see things that you cannot see when you are shopping alone. Their honest opinion will help you change on your fashion trend.

  1. Simplicity

When buying clothes, make sure you keep it simple. You are buying clothes so that you can feel great while wearing them. But at times you find a person wearing clothes and looking like a movie star. Nothing is wrong with that but keep your style as simple as possible. Take colors that are not shouting and make sure they blend well. It is recommended not to wear more than three colors. You can choose to match your trousers with the belt, shoes or even a scarf. Whatever style you choose, remember to be unique.

  1. Have a fashion icon

At times you need to have someone you look after in terms of fashion. There are those people who you admire their dressing. They may be in fashion industry or not but you think that their style is worth emulating. Look out on them and try to learn one or two things about their dressing. You don’t have to necessarily copy their style, but you can borrow some fashionable statements from them.

  1. Add sweaters and t-shirts in your collection

Sweaters and t-shirts tend to bring a style to your looks. You can never go wrong with sweaters since they match almost anything. If you choose to wear jeans with sweaters or t-shirts, they will still look classic. Ensure that you match them with other clothing underline that brings out the fashion statement.

  1. Dress for your age

This is a very important step when choosing your clothes and shoes. Men who dress their age always look stylish and mature. Whereas there so many fashion items you can pick from, always ensure that you dress something that distinguishes you from a boy. A mature look is always fashionable and classy no matter what type of clothes you are wearing.

  1. Invest in good shoes

Most men stick to wearing the black or brown shoes whereas there are so many colors you can choose from. Invest in good shoes that complement your outfit and ensure they are always clean. Don’t just have one pair of shoes but have several that you can pull out any day. Again, don’t get a pair that doesn’t fit well. Wear something that you are comfortable in.

  1. Add accessories to your look

You can choose to add some accessories to spice up your look. A wrist, necklace or a good ring is good for that purpose. Invest in` a good watch that matches with most of your clothes. If you don’t like watches, then a good leather bracelet will do. Just don’t overdo it.

  1. Add a layer to your outfits

Layering clothes makes you look sharp. It makes a dull suit look bright if you opt to match it with bright colors. Most men fear layering because they don’t know which colors to match. But it is interesting to note that if you choose colors carefully, you can never go wrong in layering your clothes.

  1. Avoid following fashion trends

You can stay fashionable without following fashion trends. As we discussed earlier, have a personal style that you can always follow. Fashion keep on changing every time so if you choose to wear everything that is in fashion, you may find yourself spending a lot of money on clothes and shoes. There are timeless clothes that have been worn time and again, yet they are always fashionable. This doesn’t mean that you wear what our grandparents used to wear, no. There are clothes that cannot get out of fashion despite how long they have been around.

  1. Experiment

You can experiment different styles. Most men want to stick to one type of style because they fear change. It is good to try implementing different style of clothing in order to choose which style best suits you. Whenever you visit a cloth store, ask for different styles and try them out. If you feel they don’t fit your style you can always change.


Long are the days when men had to look unkempt without any sense of fashion. There are so many fashion tips that you can borrow and keep yourself stylish all the time. All you need is to look out and try different ideas. Whatever you choose to wear, ensure that it fits within your budget. Looking stylish and fashionable doesn’t have to be expensive.