10 Coolest Fashion Trend Every Stylish Man Should Know

   Gary Oldman, Jonah Hill, Matt Smith, A$AP Rocky, Harry Styles, Andrew Garfield, Ryan Reynolds, Conor McGregor, Lewis Hamilton; what do all these men have in common? Apart from being exemplary at whatever they do, they are also fashion icons in their own right. Yes, these are the men every stylish man should look up to. Well, their style might not appeal to your tastes but their consistency at looking great even when wearing the simplest of outfits ranks them high among the best-dressed men in the world. Now, you might not step out like Leonardo Dicaprio, Brooklyn Beckham or Michael B. Jordan every day but there are some things you can do to always stay on top of your fashion game. One of these is learning about the latest trends in the world of men’s fashion and adapting as you might wish.

In this article, you will learn some of these trends to ensure you look the part every time you step out. Keep reading.

  1. Turtleneck Suits

Now suiting will never go out of fashion and if you are in love with suits, the Turtleneck Suits revolution is the way to go. Well, this type of suiting is not completely new but it blends two classics to create a completely fresh look. You can now switch from your turtleneck shirt to a turtleneck sweater when the weather gets cold and still look stunning in your suit. At this point, you must understand that the suit you wear must fit well if you want to pull off that smashing sleek look.  This look works great for dinners, office wear, and semi-formal events. Need a look that will turn heads and help make a statement? Go for the Turtleneck Suits.

  1. Vertical Stripes

You have most likely noticed them on the red carpet or on fashion events and they are truly refreshing. Now that Breton stripes have become a staple for everyone out there, it is time to rock them in a new way by going 90 degrees in the stripes. Yes, vertical stripes are now the way to go for every stylish man who wants something cool, novel and smart.  You can see vertical stripes on shirts, bombers to field jackets during fashion weeks and you can bet this is a trend that won’t go away any time soon. If you are in the market for something stylish, lookout for vertical stripes.

  1. Vintage Checks

Technically speaking, checks haven’t come back because they never went away anyway. However, you will agree that the check designs look fresh and are bolder today than in previous seasons. Vintage checks had started trending for women in 2017 but today, bold fashion icons have taken the look further and you will notice more men rocking checks during fashion weeks.  From men’s caps, trousers to jackets, vintage checks are back in a big way and if you love the trending styles, it is time to try this timeless one.  When wearing checks remember to check the rest of the outfit and ensure you pick toned down colors.

  1. Tonal Outfits

Color variation is now big in men’s wear and you can jump onto the bandwagon and ensure you look fabulous. Now, this is no license to rock haphazard color combinations but instead because you will ruin the look.   To avoid color clashing which everyone around you notices, make sure you have maximum three colors in your outfit. You can try it out with tonal suiting, tonal pastels or any other outfit you have in mind. It is a trend that has heads turning already and more fashion houses are at work on complete tonal outfits to make things easy for stylish men out there.

  1. The 80’s are Back

Ok, truth be told, even the 70’s are back but the most significant trend right not is the 80’s fashion for men. Menswear silhouettes and shades have gone back 30 years for inspiration and for a good reason. From wearing wear white from head-to-toe, boxy suit jackets, pastel colors, light wash jeans with frayed hems there are elements of this golden era of fashion on new outfits. Remember this is not your usual single day costume outfit but instead, the best elements from this era have to blend perfectly with modern outfits for practicality.

  1. Statement Camels

Camel hues are rich, luxurious, comfy and they turn heads when worn right. The rich and warm shades of brown work perfectly especially when worn head-to-toe. You will not only attain that stylish look but the harmony you achieve with the outfit will definitely give you more confidence.

  1. Linen Suits

If you want a summer look that is stylish, comfortable and practical, the linen suit will come in handy. It is always a big headache for men to find great summer wear that goes further than tees and shorts and this is why linen suits have created such a buzz. They are stylish, polished, breathable, comfortable and smart. You can achieve a lot with your linen suit especially when the colors work right.

  1. Athletic Accents

Athleisure seems to have taken over both men’s and women’s fashion world and with a good reason.  In 2018, the men’s fashion continues to feel the impact of athleisure in a big way and you can also leverage the trend to look stylish. It is now possible to blend your athleisure wear with smart pieces to attain that unique sophisticated look.

  1. Two Pockets Good

Remember Roger Moore? Who doesn’t? Well, it seems like fashion weeks across Europe and the U.S have brought back Seventies-style military shirts, safari jackets, field jackets which Moore loved. The conspicuous feature on all these is the double breast pockets with a unique twist for a modern look.

  1. Tropical Print Shirts

Okay, tropical print shirts have an equal number of fans and haters but you have to accept they are just easy to wear. No wonder then you will see them across fashion shows across the world as summer comes approaches.

Other notable trends in men’s fashion include the technical jacket, dad denim, side-stripe trousers, and printed shirts over t-shirts, statement stripes, large leather clutch bags straw boater hats, tonal beige outfits, military wear among other trends. Some trends might catch on while others might fade away but you can bet they will all help you look stylish in 2018.